Stop Buying, Start Riding!

Why is it so necessary to buy new parts all the time? This mindset of constantly buying, which is true not just for scooters but for bikes of all types, skateboards, cars, etc., is very destructive and also completely worthless. Many individuals feel the need to buy a new part when it comes out just to have it. It could be a bad part, but that is not what the person cares about. The rider could already have a perfectly dialed, functioning scooter, but still wants new parts. The central thesis for this bit of writing is to just ride, so get it into your brain.

Parts do not make the rider, no matter what. Parts may improve the rider, but a professional rider does not owe all his skill to the scooter he is riding. A strong scooter is important for going down big sets and gaps, but people have managed fine before there were one piece decks and aluminum forks. The point in this article it to show another side to the scooter world, a side that does not blindly buy every part possible. Instead of buying a new part because nobody has it, buy a new part because the one you had broke. Wait until your bars are too small for you before buying new ones. Wear your wheels down to the core before investing in a new pair. Buy parts because your old ones were too weak for you and because you progressed enough that those parts can’t hold up any longer.

It is tough seeing people with scooters worth hundreds of dollars but can’t even put them to good use. This will always happen, but the constantly used chant of “It’s their money, let them use it,” is not helping anyone. Kids are spending more time looking at scooter parts and waiting for them to arrive in the mail than they are riding, and that is not normal. Riding needs to come first. Buying parts supposedly helps companies, but actually riding helps the sport. I will let you figure out which one is more important.

As I said in the beginning, just ride. Do not spend all your time worrying about matching colors and putting stickers in the right place. A solid scooter will help your riding to a certain extent but will only take you so far.

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