Making a video – where to start and what to ask?
If you’ve never worked with a film production company before I’m sure it can seem a little daunting. The good news is that our aim at WaveFX? is to de-mystify all aspects of film production, which means that you can relax and enjoy the creative process.
1. A good place to start is YouTube?. Video companies love having YouTube? clips sent to them with an email saying “something like this” or “this is what our competitors are doing”. We won’t copy the content but it gives us a great idea of tone and style.

2. Keep it simple. The best videos in terms of return on investment are those which have a clear message and are delivered well. The key to a great video is what is left out and we’ll work closely with you to deliver your key messages in a concise, creative way.

3. Short is sweet. 20 minutes from the CEO talking directly to the camera is never going to go down well another angle might be to produce several concise two-minute videos that form part of a stylised series (and it doesn’t have to cost any more).

4. Are you watching? Ultimately, everything we do has to be audience-centric if your viewer’s aren’t engaged, your key messages are lost. We can provide professional script writers, presenters, motion graphics and bags of ideas to keep your audience watching, understanding and wanting more.
If you’d like to discuss your latest project or idea (however crazy) please try Cambridge film company WaveFX?
WaveFX? are a full service corporate video production and live event streaming company - based in the heart of Cambridge - Creating engaging video and digital media for over 15 years to big brands such as Microsoft, Siemens and Cambridge University
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