• The Galapagos Islands: General Information

The Galapagos Islands are an island chain located near Latin America in the eastern portion of the Pacific Ocean. The Galapagos Islands are comprised of thirteen main isles and innumerable smaller ones. There is human habitation on a number of the isles. In the early part of the nineteenth century, a famous scientist studied on the Galapagos Islands, bringing them their first taste of global significance. Now, the Galapagos Islands are world famous due to the huge variety of plants and animals that reside on them.

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Much of the wildlife found on the Galapagos Islands is extraordinarily intriguing. A myriad of these species are endemic to the Galapagos Islands, which means they are not able to found anywhere else in the world. This has made the archipelago increasingly popular with nature lovers from the world. Amongst the many animals that you can witness on the Galapagos Islands are flightless cormorants, Galapagos penguins, blue-footed and red-footed boobies, marine iguanas, sea lions, flamingos, and Galapagos tortoises.

A trait that both vacationers and scientists find intriguing about the Galapagos Islands’ wildlife is that the animals seem to possess little fear of people. This is quite unusual for animals that are not domesticated. There are a variety of reasons that this lack of fear could exist.

A common notion is that because the Galapagos Islands are rather isolated from the rest of the world and people did not destroy the natural habitats of the animals there, the creatures never had a viable reason to fear human contact. One of the other popular theories is that since the Galapagos Islands have no large predators, the animals simply haven’t developed a natural instinct to fear any other organisms.

The scenery in the Galapagos Islands is some of the most stunning on earth. The water just off the coasts of many of the isles feature coral reefs and innumerable types of aquatic animals. This makes the Galapagos Islands one of the most popular snorkeling and scuba diving destinations on earth. If trying either of these activities in the Galapagos Islands interests you, you will need to find a reliable instructor to accompany you when you go.

Due to the fact that a large number of the isles in the Galapagos archipelago are volcanic, they have interesting terrains that hikers enjoy immensely. Because the isles have a wide range of hiking trails that are suitable for beginners and advanced hikers, everyone can take-in the beautiful scenery exactly as they wish.

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