Make Your E-Commerce Website More Than An Electronic Catalog by Gregg Kell

Everyday thousands of people are purchasing products on-line from the comfort of their homes.

This "arm chair" shopping has become the most popular way for thousands and thousands of consumers to purchase everything from vitamins to luxury automobiles.

The Internet is the greatest marketing opportunity ever. If you do not have your business on-line, you are missing a golden opportunity to reach millions of potential customers everyday.

Every major business has an e-commerce storefront on-line. This new business opportunity gives everyone the chance to make money on the Internet, and has created a growing opportunity for e-commerce website designers.

A company that specializes in e-commerce website design can also be your source for e-commerce hosting, e-commerce website development, e-commerce solutions, and business-to-business e-commerce.

A website that offers products for sale is not just a simple electronic version of a catalog. These interactive "storefronts" give you a visual impression of the products that they sell. They also provide the customer with a shopping cart to purchase multiple products. Besides selling your products on-line, a well designed e-commerce site will help promote these products through advertisements, track order status, ship goods and manage inventories.

Making an online store a success is an ongoing process, recruiting a professional e-commerce website designer can almost guarantee success.

Here are a few simple rules to follow when building your e-commerce website.

Keep the shopping process simple and limit the number of steps involved in the checkout process. It's very important for your customers to find it easy to locate what they want and easy to buy those products on-line. A good example of this is They make it easy for customers to locate, select, and checkout.

Include tax and shipping costs in your customers shopping cart: Make certain the customer is aware of all the costs included in the purchase.

Add gift ideas like cards, gift certificates, and wrapping paper options before your customer checks out. The is the kind of personalized service that will turn visitors into returning customers. You can ask them what color wrapping paper they prefer, they can key in their gift card message, click the submit button and checkout.

Clearly displayed privacy policy information and other rules and guidelines in pop-ups.

Don't force registration. Allow customers a chance to fill in their shopping cart with your products first, and then ask them to register.

Offer your customers on-line order tracking features, online customer help and multiple shipping options.
E-commerce has created new and exciting opportunities for everyone to have his or her own on-line business. Thousands of people every day are finding new ways to make money on-line. But the simple secret for business success has never changed. Treat your customers with respect. Provide them with a quality product at a fair price and you're likely to build a successful business.

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