Employers highly rate 360 feedbackSome of the UK’s largest employers recognise the benefits that 360 degree feedback can bring to an organisation. more That’s the main finding of recent research by a marketing consultancy firm that polled HR executives employed in businesses featured in the Sunday Times top 100 Best Places to Work.Many of those questioned said it was particularly valuable for positive enhancements in behaviour and practice, especially amongst management level.360 degree feedback is used to give a comprehensive view of performance, with feedback coming from a multitude of directions including work colleagues, patrons and the employee themselves.One Sunday Times company is reported as saying that eight years ago the firm was lacklustre and underperforming in its sector. Now it was foremost of the sector after instigating a collective 360 action.It also said it was endeavouring to progress and everyone welcomes the open and sometimes anonymous feedback, and spent time deciding how best to respond.The investigation also found 360 feedback is mostly used for development purposes.porno izle

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